IPA Institute for Political Analysis Prof. Dr. Volker von Prittwitz
 Modern Civility towards Populism How to analyze the current conflict between populism and modern civility? The aside presented model gives some orientation - by systematically differentiating dimensions and levels of political thinking: If you conceptualize politics not only in terms of power but also in terms of independent law and public responsibility, you think in a multidimensional (civil) way. Multi-level concepts of local, national, regional, international, and global responsibility.constitute the other part of civility in contrast to  one level thinking (that is mostly local or nationalistic). Modern civility is characterized by both multi- dimensional and multi-level concepts - see climate protection. Meanwhile broad alliances of  modern civility become possible in strict contrast to power- centered and one-level populism and extremism. See Macron’s movement and government in France as well as coalitions against populism in other countries (such as the Netherlands). In Germany, a broad alliance of modern civility (consisting of the Greens, Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, and
Liberals) is to fight down populism and extremism. The left wing movement is challenged to join the alliance by stressing basic needs of social equality.                        
Figure:  Populism and Modern Civility Dimensions   Levels   Global   + Trans - National   + Regional   + Local/ National           Power                    +             Independent   Law      +     Public Policy     +       Modern Civility Populism